Saturday, May 9, 2009

Teaching Beginners To Ride

Teaching Beginners To Ride by Amy  (Farber) Shumway

 Guidebook for Novice Horseback Riding Students

In her booklet, Teaching Beginners to Ride, Amy (Farber) Shumway offers a much-needed resource for those new to the sport and for the people who teach it with her easy-to-reference, accessible guide for equestrians young and old.

Teaching Beginners to Ride seeks to improve the rider's skills for pleasure riding, teach them how to prepare for the responsibility of leasing or owning a horse or pony and give helpful guides for show ring competition. A step-by-step exercise manual gives instructors a ready-to-use, structured beginner lesson program and can help students progress to an advanced or intermediate level in just five to six hours.

Teaching Beginners to Ride provides:
- Concepts to Conquer
- Exercises to Conquer
- Common Mistakes with Corrective Exercises
- Sample Lessons with Progressive Exercises

"It is my hope in writing this manual that the layman/laywoman will gain insight into the standards that comprise a solid teaching program," Shumway writes, "More importantly, it can serve as a reference guide for instructors in developing a foundational system of teaching. Finally, the beginner student can take advantage of this information for his or her accelerated learning and progress in the sport."

Amy (Farber) Shumway has been teaching horseback riding for over 20 years in both the hunt seat and dressage disciplines. Her first instructor passed along to her his knowledge of the sport from his mentor and instructor, Gordon Wright. Wright was recently inducted into the Show Jumping Hall of Fame for his contributions to coaching the US Olympic equestrian team.
44 pages/paperback.

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